What Is Ego?


"A state of consciousness built up by the will functioning in the sense world.
In this false expression it looks upon itself as great, honorable, mighty."


-The Revealing Word, by Charles Fillmore

Many spiritual paths teach the necessity of killing the ego. The Way of Jesus is different. Jesus taught a message of acceptance. It works on the outer level of interpersonal relationships; he was accused of eating with tax collectors and sinners for example.

The book of Daniel in the Hebrew scriptures was held in high regard by the followers of the Way.  Chapter Seven says clearly to me, that we will eliminate the parts of ego that insist on speaking with a loud, domineering voice and take away the power of the rest of ego to rule our being, with the help of I Am consciousness. Then we will realize our full Divine Potential.
I'm going to watch my inner life and observe these different ego voices or masks. I'm becoming more and more familiar with them. I recognize the LOUD ones for what they are, even if sometimes I don't see them coming until they already have the reins.

I use the welcome practice.
* I notice how my body feels with these different parts of ego as they emerge.
* I give them funny names to help me recognize them and to experience them with a sense of play instead of guilt.
* I acknowledge their presence in me, and by shining the light of awareness on them their power is diminished.
* I take a deep breath and experience them.