Beauty of the Moment


"Wherever I go I try to grasp the fleeting, to understand the inexpressible mystery of things, and to savour the endlessly changing spectacle of life with heightened awareness.  Life takes place in the setting of a miracle, and man can derive endless joy from contemplating it."

The "fleeting" Monet is speaking of is this moment, right now. And it is every now moment.

How can we grasp something that flows by like a river?

When we get into the flow of life, not trying to do anything, but simply being, we can grasp the fleeting moment. Even though it is now a new moment the beauty remains.

We are surrounded by miracles every day. If we can allow the pace of our thoughts to become still, the beauty of this miracle is right here, right where you are. It is now.

I would like to introduce an exercise. It is a variation on the spirit break. It's called, "Just three breaths."



Just Three Breaths
As many times a day as you are able,
give the mind a short rest.
For the duration of three breaths
ask the inner voices to be silent.
It's like turning off the TV or radio
for a few minutes.
Then open all the senses
and just be aware
-- of color --
-- sound --
-- touch, --
-- and smell -- .


If it pleases you,
take a deep breath and affirm:

I am open
I am aware
-- of color --
-- of sound --
-- of touch, --
-- and of smell --